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Mythic Japan is a set of rules and rules modifications usable for role-playing in a pre-modern Japanese setting. Please do note that this site does not contain a complete role-playing game, see below for more details.

I call this rules set "Mystic Japan" because I include elements from Japanese folktales and legends and also because magic do work and the gods do answer prayers, i.e. it is not a strict historic setting. As for when the game is set, it is really up to you, in writing these rules I assume that the game is set sometime around 1580. Games set earlier will have to omit certain features (such as firearms), games set later will have to make some changes to the social fabric, since the Tokugawa era was much more static, compared to the 16th century.

To be able to use this rules set you must own the HarnMaster? FRPG rules, published by Columbia Games. Since this site does not attempt to provide a full coverage of pre-modern Japanese culture it is also necessary to own at least one of the following (please see the web-links for links to sites with more information on these games):

  • Bushido (out of print), published by Fantasy Games Unlimited
  • GURPS Japan, published by Steve Jackson Games
  • Land of Ninja (out of print), published by Avalon Hill
  • Land of the Rising Sun (out of print), published by Fanasy Games Unlimited
  • Sengoku, published by Gold Rush Games

Sengoku is one of the best historic role-playing games ever, I just don't fancy the Fuzion/Action rules-system, but the wealth of information Sengoku contains makes it a recommended buy!

Please also have a look at the bibliography for more suggestions on books to read.

A final note: I'm aware of the project aiming at detailing the Shoju region in the game world Kethira, these rules may be used in that setting too, but I have on purpose chosen not to add any information about how to do this on this site - the reason is simple - I really can't see the point of running a game aiming at recreating pre-modern Japan in any other setting but Japan it self.
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